Days 12 and 13: Waterton and Banff

I write and post from my phone so I’m dependent on good cell service and internet. The farther north I go, the less often those things all come together. So, sorry for the delays.

Ok, on to good stuff. Bev and I bounced around Waterton (in Alberta, Canada, Dave Korb!) for a couple of days and found a legal campsite. My phone went on a hike without me and got some great shots.

However, my phone hates those pictures, probably because of its ridiculous loyalty to me, and refuses to upload them. I’ll help. Imagine mountains and a hell of a lot of snow. Who says I can’t paint a picture with words?

On Thursday, I drove to Banff (Dave, that’s in Canada, too) while Bev opted to stay longer in Waterton. The road I took was called Cowboy Trail and Nancy, I finally saw cowboys! These photos below, sans cowboys, are from my drive yesterday.

If you get a chance to come here, do it. In fact, create the chance. It’s everything you think it is and so, so much more. I’ve learned a lot about myself – namely that I’m not good at solo travel. But I’m still thrilled every morning when I wake up and see scenes like this out my window.

So, on to join back up with Jenn and her family. For the record, nothing has broken or fallen off my vehicle in days. It’s got to be a record!

One Reply to “Days 12 and 13: Waterton and Banff”

  1. The beauty is spectacular! Happy to hear that your troubles have subsided for now.


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