B is a bust, for now

Today was supposed to be the B travel day, complete with bourbon, barbecue, bluegrass, and my Brilliant Cousin, Laura. I was looking forward to this day and had it planned before any of the other days.

But instead B = bronchitis.

And a broken modem, which is really bad when you’re home sick.

So instead of a little bourbon buzz and yummy ‘que, I have a Benadryl fog and leftover pizza in front of a great fire, so it’s not all bad.

Next week I travel to Richmond, Virginia, to meet up with high school friends (we’ve been friends for over 40 years!) so I bet I can enlist them in a B quest. In the meantime, it’s the onesie, snoring dogs, and a roaring fire.

4 Replies to “B is a bust, for now”

  1. Ric Sheer “biked” 8 miles today! I supported local “businesses” and “bought” items for a new dining room centerpiece! You must figure out a way to do B before C! Hope you feel better fast!

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