Day 6: On License Plates and Blizzards

On Day 6, Jenn and I left the Tetons and drove through Yellowstone into Montana. The road ran along a river where we saw a family of elk, a bunch of fly fishermen, and the entire nation of Japan.

Before leaving Jackson, however, I had to deal with my license plate. The T@b has its own plate that fell off somewhere in Iowa or Nebraska. I was at a gas station in Nebraska when I realized it was gone; my amazing Bondo job on the license plate holder stared at me blankly.

Fortunately there are very few police out here (maybe they’re vacationing in Japan since it’s empty) so I’ve gotten away with it. I FedExed the paperwork to my office where the amazing Nicole Johnson took it to the DMV, got me a new plate, and FedExed it to my cousin. Thank you, Nicole!!

That means the plate will go from NC to AZ to be brought to MT so that we can go to Canada. That plate will see more of the world off my T@b than on it.

For those who are counting this brings the death count to 5 1/2: Ring, fan, license plate, bow line, kayak (hole), and kayak (almost fell off but didn’t, so half death).

In other news, there’s a blizzard coming, an historic blizzard that could dump 3 feet of snow and drop the daily high temperatures to the mid-teens. I love snow and cold weather but I’m not prepared for that kind of cold. Jenn’s family is concerned about her. Mine hasn’t batted an eye. ๐Ÿ˜’

2 Replies to “Day 6: On License Plates and Blizzards”

  1. I guess I donโ€™t count as family. ๐Ÿ˜’ We know you can handle it, but please do be careful.


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