Day 1: Not as advertised

You all missed so much excitement today! Ok, not really but I survived my first day as a nomad and learned that planning a drive like this is kind of dumb. You can’t anticipate half of what lies ahead.

I swear there will be stars and mountains and rivers and bears soon. But tonight it’s generators and parking lot lights.

Here’s what you missed:

  • A great stop in Asheville, NC to meet up with the ever-spontaneous Amy Fine. Some of you will remember her as my Airbnb guest who did cartwheels during porch night. Amy introduced me to Curate and its fantastic sangria!
  • Me batting my eyelashes at Hunter from Advance Auto Parts in Corbin, Kentucky to convince him to fix the tail lights on my camper. Success!
  • Me eating MilkDuds and singing Fernando at the top of my lungs. There will never be pictures of that.
  • And now, me camping in a Cabella’s parking lot in Lexington, Kentucky. Cabella’s is one of the places that lets folks camp (boondock) for free.
Amazing sangria
My hero works here.
Thank you, Cabella’s!
I’m parked by this guy. I ❤ Kentucky.

11 Replies to “Day 1: Not as advertised”

  1. Didn’t see your PM until this morning. Debra and I were having our own Sangria on the other side of town!


  2. Wow sounds like quite a day! Happy camping 😊😊 Here’s to day 2!


  3. Have a great time Kim! Everyone asked about you at the Rhythm and Roots Festival in Bristol!


  4. Thought I’d already left a comment, but if not, loving it!!!


  5. Did batting your eyelashes get you any samples of the Evan Williams?


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