Two More Days!

Babs is in the shop getting new tires and bearings for the trip. I pick up the second kayak tomorrow night and then I hit the road Friday morning.

I’m excited but also kind of nervous. I think it’s the idea of being gone for so long. Right?

A lot of you have asked about Roz, the faithful copilot. She has developed an over-the-top fear of riding in the car and, therefore, she’s not going to be able to go with me. It kills me – she’s my travel buddy and my security system – but I just can’t torture her like that. Watching her shake and pant in the backseat is just more than I can handle, but she’ll be in good hands with Carey and Karl Nickels and Nicole Johnson!

8 Replies to “Two More Days!”

  1. You have a fantastic heart! Caring for your beautiful dog before yourself. Safe travels my friend.


  2. That’s great you’re hitting the road Kim…I’ve considered it but…not in the cards right now.


  3. Here’s hoping for your safety and a wonderful experiences! See you when you return. Post often!


  4. Here’s hoping for your safety and great experiences!! See you when you return!! Post a lot!!


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