The Plan

I’m torn.

The irresponsible one wins out every time.

To me, part of the fun of travel is the unplanned, unanticipated adventure – the roadside stand in Provance where you convinced the farmers to let you try pastis, the evening spent on hay bales at a ranch in Iceland watching the Northern Lights, the pickup soccer game in Italy. But the responsible part of me says, “You can’t be driving around late at night with no place to stay and no gas.”

The irresponsible one wins out every time, so you might want to stay tuned.

3 Replies to “The Plan”

  1. Adventurous, not irresponsible! Have a wonderful time!


  2. You have a FANTASTIC TIME! “ Oh the places you will go”. Dr. Seuss. Oh the people you will meet and the stories you will hear. Be safe and cannot wait to ride along with you through your posts! ❤️🙏🍷


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